Boats and fishing


Here, by the legendary Rystraumen tidal current, you will find excellent spots for halibut fishing. The best spots are just outside the harbour. When the tide flows through Rystraumen, halibut is not the only fish you can catch. You also have a good chance of catching cod, haddock, plaice, coley (saithe) and wolf fish.

Every year, people catch wolf fish weighing 10 kg in this wonderful part of Northern Norway. Beyond the Rystraumen tidal current, there are a number of good spots for cod – hunting for small saithe.

The famous Rystraumen tidal current is well known, and many locals like to fish here.

At Hella, by the Rystraumen tidal current, the conditions are perfect for casting your line from shore.Only a short distance from Tromsø Airport, Larseng Kystferie is well worth a visit – it is also a great place to spend a long weekend.

Using boats and equipment

Any use of boats and equipment that you hire is at your own risk and responsibility, and you are liable for any damage, injuries or losses during the rental period, including to the boatman, passengers and third parties. You are also liable for any others that you permit to use the boat. Any damage beyond normal wear and tear shall, according to the rental agreement, be replaced at the request of the owner.

In order to drive a Norwegian pleasure craft over 8 metres in length or with a motor larger than 25 HP, you must hold a Norwegian boating licence or other valid qualification certificate. This statutory requirement for a boating licence applies everyone born on or after 1 January 1980, ref. Norwegian regulation of 3 March 2009 on the minimum age and boating licence etc. for driver of pleasure craft. Furthermore, you agree to take a maximum of eight (8) passengers on board the boat, that there will be approved lifejackets for everyone on board and that it is illegal to operate a boat with a blood-alcohol content exceeding 0.08%. Please also refer to the Norwegian Ship Control Legislation, regulations of 11 December 1981 (The Norwegian Maritime Code).

The boats are 19 feet and have a 50 HP engine. The boats are at the floating dock in the harbour, 0 to 100 metres from the houses.

When you hire a boat, you are responsible for keeping it clean and you must wash the boat out before you leave. One of your hosts will perform an inspection of the boat before your departure.

Keep your fish waste in a separate bucket, take it with you on your next trip and dump it in the deep water.

You are responsible for keeping the tubs clean and you must wash them out before you leave.

The fish cleaning table must be washed after use.

There is a 25-litre fuel tank on board each of the boats, plus two 20-litre reserve cans. When a reserve can is empty and you would like to replace it with a full can, you set the empty can outside your door and the hosts will replace it. When you depart, the boats will be filled with same amount of fuel as when you arrived and you will be charged the litre price for the amount of fuel you used.

Information about fishing

The fishing is usually best at high tide and when the tide changes. You can dig for worms and sand gapers on the seashore or by the barn. You can purchase other bait from the store in Tromsø. Your hosts will provide information about fishing in the sea and point out the different fishing spots.

Fishing in lakes and rivers

If you would like to fish for trout in freshwater, there are three mountain lakes about a 40-minute walk from Larseng Kystferie: Holmevannet, Langvannet and Slettheivannet. You can fish all year round and a licence costs NOK 50 per day.

At Skittenskarvannet, you can fish for Arctic char, Arctic sea char, sea trout and trout. It is about a 30 to 60-minute walk to the lake from Straumsbukta Bay. You can fish all year round and a licence costs NOK 100 for ice fishing and NOK 150 when the ice has broken up and in the river.

In Straumselva River, you can fish for salmon, Arctic char, Arctic sea char, sea trout and trout in July and August. There are two different landowners who sell fishing licences, one is about an hour’s walk and sells fishing licences for NOK 50 per day, and the second is between a 5 to 40-minute walk and sells fishing licences for NOK 150 per day.

At Straumsbukta Bay, you can fish for salmon and sea trout in the sea, 200 metres from the estuary. It’s free and you can fish there all year round.

Children under 16 years of age fish for free when they are accompanied by an adult with a valid fishing licence.

Your hosts can help you to obtain a fishing licence. It would be helpful if you let us know in advance if you know you want to get a fishing licence.

Rules for fishing in Straumselva River

Larseng- Håkøybotn Landowners Association:

Salmon: 1 July–31 July

Trout: 1 July–1 August

Arctic char: 1 July–31 July

There is a daily limit of 1 salmon.

Closed from Wednesday at 6 pm to Thursday at 6 pm.

You are not permitted to fish with worms after 31 July.

Straumsbukta Landowners Association:

Fishing regulations:

Everyone who is fishing must hold a valid fishing licence. You are not permitted to fish closer to the estuary than 200 metres from the mouth of the river.

Fishing seasons:

1 July–15 August Salmon and Arctic sea char. The season for sea trout extends to 31 August. From August 15, you must release salmon and Arctic sea char. Ice fishing: 1 January–31 May

Fishing day:

From 6 pm to 6 pm the next day.

Tuesday: Inland residents

Friday: Fishing starts at 6 pm, fishing stops at 6 pm

Fishing tackle: River: Flies/worms/spinners

Skittenskarvannet: Flies/worms/lures/spinners

From 15–31 August, fishing with worms is not permitted.

Minimum fish size: 30 cm Arctic sea char – sea trout (shiny fish).

No minimum size for brook trout.

There is a limit of one salmon per day per person.

At low tide, the river is closed for fishing.

PLEASE NOTE: Please respect you must keep your dog on a leash.