Things to do in Troms

Boat rental

At Larseng Kystferie, you can rent a 19-foot aluminium boat with a 50 HP motor and set off on exciting fishing trips. You can catch many different kinds of fish: cod, coley (saithe), haddock, wolf fish, halibut, redfish, flounder, ling, monkfish, and more. The best experience is when you hook a big cod, coley, wolf fish or halibut. It is enough to give you goose bumps.

Mushroom and berry picking

In late summer and autumn, you can gather wild mushrooms and berries on the Larseng Kystferie property. Walking in the woods in peace and quiet, and gathering nature’s bounty provides an inner peace that is a balm for every soul.


With Larseng Kystferie as your base, you can embark on great forest and mountain walks, whether you just want to walk right out of the house and up the mountain, or you want to drive a short distance to check out other mountains.

Skiing and snowshoeing

In winter, you can strap on your skis or snowshoes and enjoy great adventures right outside the door, or you can drive a short distance to get to groomed ski trails or other mountain routes.


If you are not interested in being so active, you can just relax and enjoy the farm, which is a peaceful place with a spectacular view over the fjord.

Northern lights

Larseng Kystferie is a wonderful place to experience the Northern Lights whenever they appear.

Larseng Kystferie experiences the polar night from 27 November to 15 January. It can be hard for some, but for most of us who were born and raised here, we don’t think about it too much. It is a special experience that is worth experiencing, and the Northern Lights often appear to illuminate our souls during the dark months.

In winter, you can borrow one of our sleds and sled right down the road to the shoreline.

Midnight sun

Larseng Kystferie is blessed by the Midnight Sun from 20 May to 20 July. It is a magical experience that makes you want to stay up all night.